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Hoovies New Ride ....

Section for general chatting about your RAV4 or other Rides ... What you do with it, how to use it, where you been in it, or not been in it, we don't mind... It's a free world!
Oh, If you want to get all technical, the Technical Questions and Info could be the place to go.

Re: Hoovies New Ride ....

PostPosted by Hoovie » Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:42 pm

Not done a lot of miles in the Corsa since purchasing (just over 800 miles in nearly 2 months) so still breaking her in I guess :)

It is a very nice drive mind, and I have done a couple of fairly longish day trips (one 220 mile one and one 170 mile one) and found the car very comfortable. These small cars have really come on brilliantly in terms of comfort and features :Y
Talking about features, finally got around to playing around with the "Intellilink" 'Infotainment' system that is fitted to the car...
So I got the Google Maps Satellite Navigation running on the cars screen via the ANDROID AUTO phone app - that is pretty good actually. I let it guide me back home from Livingston last Wednesday and we took some interesting roads I would not usually have gone on :s_scratchhead Not sure if that was weird routing or traffic avoidance as I was seeing some heavy jams on parallel roads and as I went over bridges.
Also called the vauxhall "OnStar" service ( to get some info and see about subscribing. Got the OnStar active until end of March next year, and a trial Data Package on the integrated Wi-Fi system for 120 Days with 3GB free, which is neat and likely to be handy when using a phone for Sat-Nav. The price outside of the trial isn't bad either I think, at around £100 for a years subscription with upto 50GB of data in that year.

The OnStar system has remote diagnosis and information including a phone app of course. This is a partial screen shot:
ImageCorsa-Info by David, on Flickr
So can check if you need to go to petrol station on your journey tomorrow for example, check your tyre pressures (much more convinient than kneeling down each morning with a gauge!), and monitor the oil for servicing requirements.

This is another handy area - remote control over your car!
ImageCorsa-FOB by David, on Flickr
can lock and unlock the car from the phone (could be great if passenger arrives back with shopping say and you are not there); or can sound the horn and flash the lights - good if trying to find the car in a busy car park, or if you see someone taking an unhealthy interest ... that would get them to move along!

Seems Vauxhalls have introduced some really good features recently and with their motors looking pretty decent generally as well nowadays, could be good buys. It does make me wonder why PSA are taking over the Vauxhall/Opel brand in Europe? the GM management must be doing something quite poorly to not make Vauxhall/Opel as competative as PSA, Renault, etc.
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