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Center 3" nut while trying to change rear tire

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Center 3" nut while trying to change rear tire

PostPosted by saudirav4 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:57 am

Hey all -

Newbie here. Bought a 1994 RAV4 4x4 after moving here to the Philippines. Workable vehicle and with my broken back needed something right away. Had I had more time, I would've looked around more. This is a good running vehicle but now I have a problem. Might be a 'I'm in the Philippines' problem as they seem to have limited or no supplies of everything as I'm used to in the USA. No complaints about the Philippines but big complaints about supply chain issues.

OK, the RAV4 appears to be a SAUDI model as the owners manual is in Saudi language AND English. The mirrors have Saudi characters on them and, well, it does appear to be a Saudi RAV4.

My issue: After removing the 5 lugs on the pax rear tire, I attempted to pull the wheel off to no avail. The problem is a pesky 3" axle nut holding the center of the wheel in place (in addition to the lugs). I do not have nor did the vehicle come with one. Where on earth can I get one? It would need to have a suitable drive (1/2" or 3/4" )socket type and MUST be a thinwall and at least 3" deep socket or it won't fit in the hub of the wheel. With this item I can break the center nut free and change a simple tire.

Sigh, complications are OK but inability to get the right tools are not. Can anyone help or offer alternative advice.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Mubahay from Palawan, Philippines

SaudiRAv4 owner
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Re: Center 3" nut while trying to change rear tire

PostPosted by Davrav » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:46 am

Hi Saudirav and :welcome to the club.

Surely there should be no need to do more than undo the five wheel bolts to simply take the wheel off. The large centre nut is holding the hub is it not?

Sounds to me that the wheel has seized to the hub and needs a judicious thump or two with a rubber mallet or heavy hammer buffered with a block of wood. Some carefully applied penetrating oil around the wheel centre where it sits on the centre hub flange would probably also help.

When you do get the wheel off it would be a good idea to give the mating surfaces a thin smear of brake grease before re-fitting so as to mitigate a re-occurrence of the problem. Do all four whilst you're at it.
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Re: Center 3" nut while trying to change rear tire

PostPosted by Hoovie » Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:59 am


i'm with Davrav :s_thumbsup
Jack up wheel, remove two or three nuts, and loosen off remaining, then whack Inside of tyre with heavy mallet, spin wheel a little and repeat, and repeat, and ....

If still no good, fit nuts but loosen a few turns from tight and drive around in circles until wheel cracks off.

I had this problem recently on one of my vehicles. Two rears off with some hammering, two fronts wouldn't budge.
Took to my tyre place to get those sorted as thought they may have a special method? They did .... bigger hammer and a younger bloke to wield it :s_blush

(FWIW, my problem was the wheels sticking hard on the inner support ring rather then the flat mating surfaces)
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Re: Center 3" nut while trying to change rear tire

PostPosted by ROGER_37 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:33 am

:welcome saudirav4 :s_howdy
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