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Finding Posts & Marking Posts Read

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Finding Posts & Marking Posts Read

PostPosted by Hoovie » Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:15 pm

As the Forum has grown, we have ended up with quite a lot of Subforums and Sections (possibly too many, and is something we may review to see if we need to simplify and streamline).

There are various tools available as standard which can help you manage your use of the forum and streamline your own experience of it. This brief "How-To" Tutorial will hopefully help.

Note: Screenshots and notes about tool positions are for the default 'Prosilver' scheme style. If you have chosen another style, the position and availability *may* vary. To see the equivalent tools and icons in a different style, you can switch between the Prosilver style and your chosen one and note how the tool location change.

Finding Posts

There are some quick-link short-cuts which are found at the top level of the Forum (i.e. the one you are at when you login), and just above the first forum part (announcements).

UPDATE: The links described below are now visible no matter where you are within the forum, and can be found just below the main header at the top of the screen.

These links are:

'Search the Forum', which will bring up an advanced search option page to allow you to look for specific items.

'View unanswered posts', which will display any topic that has not yet had an answer.

'View unread posts', which will show all topics that have had a posting since the last time you read that particular topic

'View new posts', which will show all topics that have had had a reply since the last time AND are also "new" posts (the exact "newness" is variable and dependant on your own settings. Suggestion is to use this a few times to understand the post timeline)

'View active topics', which will return all topics that have had a reply back within the pre-set timescale (typically 7 days)

The above quick-links return the list of posts in a straight linear fashion rather then separated by their sub-forums, and can be a convenient way to read posted topics.

'Visit the Club Shop', which will open up a new browser tab and take you to the official RAV4 Drivers Club shop, where various club products are available for sale. Sales of these stickers and mugs, etc, go towards the cost of running the club, such as paying forum and web hosting fees, domain registrations, etc, so any purchases are very appreciated :s_smile

Once you have the list of posts returned, you can quickly go to the FIRST UNREAD post in a Topic by clicking the little symbol next to the Topic title

You can also go direct to the LATEST Post of a Topic in fact.
If at the level where there are Sub-Forums below, you would see this view (where the Topic is within a Forum Lower):

This shows the most recent post of ANY Topic within that Sub-Forum.

If at the topic level (or a list generated by one of the short-cut "View xx Topic" buttons), you would see:

Searching for a Post

There is a simple search facility to look for specific words in forum posts.

As the forum grows and the post counts increases, it may be more efficient to use the Advanced Search in order to provide a better focus on the search criteria, by clicking the Advanced Search button (as circled above) and then using the Advanced Search options (as seen below).

Marking Forums and Posts Read

You may wish to quickly mark topics in a forum read, or even complete subforums read. This can be useful if there is an area you are not interested in, or maybe have been away from the Forum for a while and don't have time to look at 10's of posts individually to mark read

There is a short-cut tool to do this, located to the right of the screen, just above the 'Last Post' heading and above the forum window

This button will mark the ENTIRE Forum as read.

This button appears above a list of Subforums when viewing the sections & subforums and will mark all the topics within all the SubForums read.

This button appears above the list of Topics and will mark all the topics listed read.

By using the tools and functions discussed in this Tutorial, you will be able to streamline your own use of the forum as need be :s_cool
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