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Toyota Colour Pages

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Toyota Colour Pages

PostPosted by Hoovie » Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:03 pm

Attached to this post is are the Dupont Refinish "Yellow Pages" section for Toyota Colours. This contains information about colours, Paint Codes and Cars colour was used on.

Note that these are Worldwide.

The First Page also gives you an idea of where to find the VIN Plate that contains the code. What you are looking for is the part that is typically on Toyotas labelled C/TR - where C = Colour (of paint) and TR = Trim (inside)

Unfortunately this document is from 2006, so may not have some of the latest colours, but the same paint does tend to be used for quite a long time, so even if your RAV4 post-dates this guide, it is probably worth a look if you are trying to find your colour! As an Example, my 2011 SR with "White Pearlescent" Paint was paint code '070', IIRC, and in the Yellow Pages, '070' is listed and is referred to as "White Crystal Shine Effect" and used on the 2003 Land Cruiser :s_wink

Note: Once you have found your paint code, please be aware that there are often variations within the code which will NOT be found on the car - these can be 'more red', 'more yellow', 'lighter', 'darker', etc, etc. This tends to be especially the case with Silvers.
A paint factor will not be able to account for these variations unless they see the car and in all likelihood mix some paint up to test unless they carry the full colour chip set. A body shop would ideally have the full colour chips from the scheme they use and be able to match that way. Some may use a Spectroscope connected to a computer and create the colour ignoring the official Toyota mix and making their own exact matching one!
How important it will be to use the variations will depend on how much paint is needed, what is adjacent to the painted area and how visible it is e.g. if the paint is for a low down bumper scuff, the standard variation will almost certainly suffice, but if it is to paint a scratch in the middle of the drivers door, then the right variation becomes a LOT more important!

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